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exporter of sesame seed in russia and ukraine

Stallion Enterprise being geo-graphically located in Gujarat, which has highest yield of sesame seeds in India, has added to its leverage in effective supply to our esteemed customers.

Sesame seed is an important ingredient of many countries especially the countries in Middle East Asia. India has benefited as the worlds highest exporter of sesame seeds.

Sesame seeds have multiple usage and it is ideal topping in bakery products, by the virtue of their crunchiness & slightly sweet nutty flavor. It's texture and flavor to a variety of rolls, crackers, salad dressings, bakery & confectionery, candy making, production of Tahini and Sesame Oil (which is used for cooking, manufacturing perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetic products). And hence they are used in a number of baked goods like bread, pastries, Cookies, & Cakes. They are also used in salads & other savory dishes.

Stallion Enterprise deals in an extensive range of sesame seeds. Black, red, brown, yellow or hulled seeds. Small or big lots,according to requirement of customers. The material is shipped with utmost precision and care in terms of quality and hygienically cleaned.

To China, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Turkey, Europe and USA with STALLION brand name or as per buyer requirement.

We supply Raw Sesame Seeds of West African origin from Burkina Faso, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Senegal and Guinean Conakry

Stallion Enterprise has a strong work ethics. It invites tie-ups for mutual benefit. It would like to assure its associates that it would truly be a win-win situation for all concerned.

We Offer Following Types

  • Natural White
  • Natural black (Regular and Jade Black Quality)
  • Hulled Sortex (Premium, Semi-premium, and Regular Quality)
  • Golden Yellow & Brown.