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Stallion enterprise is fostering expertise in the supply of chemicals, offering distribution solutions to customers, and create sustainable supply trade relations. We are having a team of highly skilled individuals with more than a decade of experience and expertise in the industry.

Through our knowledge of markets, it is steadier for us to deliver a unique competitive advantage to our customers. For customers, this translates into reliable, long-term availability of products from globally reputed suppliers at exceptionally competitive and consistent pricing. We create synergy for suppliers and customers to create fair trade arrangements on a long-term thriving basis..

Our current competent product basket comprises of Dicalcium phosphate, Soya Lecithin, Phthalic Anhydride and Maleic Anhydride.


Dibasic Calcium Phosphate

Product Identification:

CAS No: 7757-93-9

Product Dibasic Calcium Phosphate(Dihydrate) - IP
Grade General
Shelf Life 5 years from date of Manufacturing
Description White Crystalline Odourless Powder
Properties Method Specification Value Result
Unit Min. Max.
Acid Insoluble Substances IP % - 0.1 < 0.1
Arsenic IP ppm - 10 < 5
Heavy Metal IP ppm - 40 < 20
Sulphates IP % - 0.5 < 0.5
Iron IP ppm - 400 < 400
Chloride IP % - 0.125 < 0.125
Monocalcium & Tricalcium IP ml 11 12.5 11.4
Loss on Ingnition (500 °C) IP % 24.5 26.5 24.81
Carbonate IP - To Comply with Test Complies
Barium IP - To Comply with Test Complies
Nitrate IP - To Comply with Test Complies
Reducing Substances IP - To Comply with Test Complies
Proteinous Impurities IP - To Comply with Test Complies
Assay IP % 98 105 100.39
Total Microbial Limit Test it Complies
Physical Analysis
pH In House - 5.5 7.5 6.76
Moisture (60°C) In House % - 1 0.24
Particle Size/Seive Analysis In House  As per party Specification Complies
Bulk Density Loose In House g/ml - 1 0.76
Tapped In House g/ml - 1.2 1.00
The above product is declared as Standard quality as Specified in IP 2018.


In Food Production
Dicalcium Phosphate is used as nutritional supplement and buffering agent in food such as in biscuits, milk powder, drinks, ice cream, biscuit, breakfast cereals, infant formula, in noodles and baked food.

In Beverage
Dicalcium Phosphate can be used in beverage.

In Pharmaceutical
Dicalcium Phosphate is used as calcium supplement in Pharmaceutical, used as a tableting agent in some pharmaceutical preparations. Calcium Phosphates are important excipients used as diluents and fillers in the Pharmaceutical because of their inherent characteristic of compatibility with most other active ingredients.

In Health and Personal care
Dicalcium Phosphate used as fillers and dispersants, buffering agents, and water softening agents in In cosmetic and personal care products. Dicalcium Phosphate used in toothpastes.

In Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry
Dicalcium Phosphate is used as calcium supplement in Agriculture/Animal Feed/Poultry. The application such as in dog food, pet food, cat food, cattle feed and veterinary use.


Soya Lecithin

Parameters Specifications
GMO status NON-GMO
Grade Food grade
Appearance Semi Liquid
Colour 10-12 Max on Gardner scale
Moisture Max. 1.0%
Acid Value Max. 30 KOH/g
Peroxide Value Max. 5.o m. eg
Hexane Insolubles Max. 0.3% C
Acetone Insolubles Mi. 62%
PH Value 7 By ph Meter
Viscosity 80-120 Poise
Total Plate Count CFU / GM 3000 Max.
Coliforms CFU / GM NIL
Yeast & Mould CFU / GM 100 Max.
Salmonella 25 / GM NIL

Packing: 250 Kg New HDPE Drums


Phthalic Anhydride

Product Identification:

CAS No: 85-44-9

Properties Unit Value
Solidification Point ̊̊C ≥ 130.8
Purity wt % ≥99.8
Phthalic Acid wt % <0.50
Maleic Anhydride wt % <0.50
Molten Color APHA ≤20
Heat Hazen Number APHA ≤50


Flake Bag - 750kg, 600kg, 500kg, 25kg


  • Plasticizers
  • Unsaturated Polyester and Alkyd Resin
  • Dyes, Pigments, Insecticides, Fire Retardants etc.

Maleic Anhydride

Product Identification:

CAS No: 108-31-6

Properties Unit Value
Purity wt % ≥99.5 (Briquette)
≥99.8 (Molten)
Specific Gravity(15.5 C) ̊C ≥52.5
Fe Content PPM ≤5
Freezing Point ̊C ≥52.5
Color APHA ≤20
Maleic Acid wt% ≤0.3 (Molten)
≤0.5 (Briquette)
Ash wt% ≤0.01
Appearance -- White Briquettes or Molten


25KG paper Bags


Maleic anhydride is mainly used for the production of unsaturated polyester resin, alkyl resins, also used in pesticides, pharmaceuticals, paints, ink, lubricant additives, paper chemicals, textiles finishing agent, and surface active agent field.