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Rice is the crowned king of cereals for incredible India

rice is not just a cereal it is an emotion

Indian Rice in Russia and Ukraine

“Happiness is a bowl of rice”; say majority of the people of India and there are many who say“I like spice, rice and everything nice.” Since time immemorial, rice has been the crowned king of cereals for incredible India and its people for an array of reasons. Some love rice for their fondness of its taste; while some consume rice for its Carbohydrate content and then there are also a large folk of people who consume rice for its affordable price. Moral of the story goes like: rice is the staple food of over half the world's population.

Rice is the comfort food – It is true that rice is not just one another cereal because it is an emotion. For a couple of reasons rice is among the world's most enduring comfort foods. An array of one-pot meals can be prepared making use of rice; that are award-winning & heart-pleasing just like our own: the block-buster biryani, evergreen pulav, all-time favourite jeera rice, lip-smacking khichdi and so on. While talking of rice, the quality of Indian rice cannot go unnoticed because it stands out and above world- wide.

Rice is for the food indulgence – Love for rice knows no borders and boundaries because it is popular across the world. Rice is the ultimate food indulgence and the Indian rice cereals are of the finest quality. India is the largest producer and exporter of rice and there are a variety of the cereals available in the market: white rice, brown rice, black rice, parboiled rice, basmati rice, broken rice, fragrant non-basmati rice, long grain basmati rice etc. But then basmati rice is the most common type of rice used in Indian households.

Raise your hands if you are a rice lover – Love for rice never fades because every-day it only elevates. Rice is absolutely a pantry essential because it is both versatile and delicious. The rice-lovers of the country and also the world can rejoice, because we at Stallion Enterprise we envisage manufacturing and offering the finest quality of Indian rice.

Yes we are the incredible Indian Rice Exporter - Established in the year 2012; Stallion Enterprise has grown as a leading business organization in the field of trading of agricultural commodities. Since the inception, we have been leaving no stones unturned in coming up with the finest quality of an array of cereals like: Sorghum, rice, millet, barley and maize. Stallion Enterprise in not only the leading exporter of peanuts but also is a strongly recognizable Indian rice manufacturer. Marching ahead with the premium quality of Indian standards , the leading peanut exporter Stallion Enterprise also is one of the leading Indian rice manufacturer, Indian rice supplier and Indian rice exporter.

Being a leading exporter of a comprehensive range of Agro Commodities from Gujarat, Stallion Enterprise aspires turning the game of trading into a service oriented business with simplistic processes, values and goals. When it comes to the Indian rice manufacturing, we ensure supplying the finest quality of Indian rice which are cleaned and hygienically processed and packed. Understanding that it is not just what we offer but also about how we offer to our customers are per their requirement, we also arrange for the supplies of long grain raw and parboiled rice 10 %, 15 %, 20 %, 25 %, 35 %, 100 % broken in PP jute bags of 25 to 50 Kg. Stallion Enterprise has been taking every single effort to set its bench-mark as one of the best Indian rice manufacturing companies with sheer dedication and our efforts will very soon be ripened because what we sow; we shall reap.